The Night It All Began Edit

Hi, My name is Dane Gregory Samuel.

I have nothing better to do with my life so I wrote up a little story about my friendships that I lost after I stole.

While the initial Desperate Houseboys group formed in February 2008, members of the social circle had already known each other previously. The first friendship to form was Shane Spencer and Sandhip Roy Sing. The two were reportedly very close friends in 2007. Shane Spencer and Dane Samuel also briefly met in May 2007, but never managed to form a friendship just a Facebook Acquaintance. Shane Spencer also met the final member of the group Duncan Terblanche in September 2007 through mutual friend, Eugene Breukleman.

However despite knowing each other, the group only grew close and formed from February 16, 2008.

On Friday February 15 2008; Dane Samuel met Shane Spencer again at The Lounge. Dane was there with at the time, close friend Wesley Habsburg-Rogers (who would later go onto being a part of the group in some way) . Immediately the two (Dane and Shane) hit up a close friendship that night. Also that night Dane for the first time met Duncan Terblanche who has just arrived in Durban after moving down from a small costal town - Mandini.

Whilst Dane had previously met and known Sandhip Roy Sing from October 2007 from Sandhip working at The Lounge; the gang's local club hangout- as a barman, Dane and Sandhip only grew closer the following day. However Sandhip had met Duncan on the night of Friday 15 February 2008.

Also at The Lounge that night was Lllewellyn Lambert and Wesley Habsburg-Rogers who would both go onto being Houseboys.